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Social Media Management

I'll work with you to create a long-term social media strategy that will align with your overall business plan and goals.

Whether it's long form blog posts or live-streaming an event, we'll make sure your channels have the content that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Content Management

Your social media content will be planned and scheduled, while constant analytics tracking will ensure that what we're doing works for your business.

Audience Engagement

Together, we'll find and track qualified leads and build a loyal social media community centered around you and your business.

Content Creation

Content Strategy

Ads Management

By starting with an ads budget that feels comfortable for you, we'll target the audience that's already looking for what you have to sell.


Reports – sent once a month - will keep you informed on how your social media presence is growing.

Events Promotion

Pre-Event Promotion

We'll work to create promotional content that positions your event as THE place to be, and THE event to share on social media.

Day of Event

I'll personally attend your event, using a combination of live streaming options that will keep your guests excited and engaged in both real and virtual space.

Event Follow-Up

We'll make sure your guests leave with a sense of wanting more, and schedule the follow-up content that will answer that need, getting them ready to sign up for your next event.

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