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InLiquid's Benefit is an annual silent arts auction and networking event that serves as the primary fundraiser for the Philadelphia-based arts nonprofit. The social media campaign for InLiquid's Benefit v.14 highlighted "stand-out Philadelphia". Content centered around the event tagline: Bid up. Stand out. For four weeks, visual and written content featured participating artists, sponsors, musicians, caterers, and all aspects of the event in a way that encouraged guests to get excited about participating even before the event began. Ticket sales rose by 500%, and upon arrival guests commented that it was the social media campaign that had encouraged them to attend. Each year following, the event continued to grow in both ticket and silent auction sales and area popularity, to the point that celebrity attendance became a regular bonus feature.


Philadelphia Makers Meetup brings together local makers of all kinds for a series of events centered around networking, fostering access to business resources, and hosting presentations of successful business models through panel discussions and showcases. In one month of managing their social media presence, as well as setting up a Facebook Event promotion campaign that ran for one week, event registrations grew by 146%. In addition, Facebook Page Likes grew by 1800%, Facebook Reach grew by 1,181%, and Facebook Page Views by 2,025%, while on Twitter Impressions grew by 19.4% and Followers grew by 37%.

After a year-and-a-half of hosting smaller events, we brought the first-ever Maker Faire to Philadelphia.

The social media ads campaign drove a 47.8% increase in ticket sales.

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InLiquid reached out to us again most recently in 2021, just a month before their biggest fundraiser event of the year was about to take place. They were in a difficult situation, as some recent staff changes left them with no one to manage their social media efforts. With zero lead-time to create a campaign, our team sat down for an emergency two-hour strategy session the very next morning after their call for help. We had to hit the ground running with both strategy and creative, and were quite literally building the campaign as it ran. Through a combination of social media advertising, organic promotion, and live posts from the event, we helped them bring in about $80,000 to support the arts in the Philadelphia area.

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We took over full Social Media Management for Jules Thin Crust, an organic pizza chain, and its sister store Lovebird PA, a fast-casual fried chicken chain, in March of 2020, just a month before the COVID lockdowns began. Through 2020, Jules and Lovebird saw several million dollars in online sales, a huge increase over their previous reporting period. This allowed them to increase sales year-over-year, despite the cessation of in-person sales for most of that time.

In addition, we ran a series of low-cost ads for locations that had been seeing decreased revenue. Through a combination of brand-awareness and online ordering ads, we were able to achieve monthly revenue increases for each location.


We also oversaw the social media promotion and only advertising for the introduction of Jules' and Lovebird's new in-house ordering apps. Over six months, we saw over 6,000 app downloads. This significantly increased customer retention and repeat-ordering for both brands, and led to large savings over online ordering from third-party delivery services.

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