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Writing Adventures

In 2015 I began a series of trips - along the east coast, to China, and to the Philippines - with the goal of working on my creative writing in new and exciting settings. While my novel is unfinished as yet, I learned that great adventures can be found in the most unexpected places.


First Publication

In 2012, I collaborated with my sister and wrote and published a horror story in a Philadelphia Anthology.

me-barbie-dress (2)_edited.jpg


Every so often, the acting bug strikes. From indie and student films to TV pilots, I've tried a little bit of everything.


My Beer Blog

I spent a year after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Penn with a degree in English Literature...running a beer blog with a friend.


I was a Scientist (Sort of)

In my Sophomore Year at Penn, I began working as a research assistant to Dr. Jeffrey Ware at the Perelman School of Medicine. The project involved conducting research on behalf of NASA's studies on the long-term effects of radiation on a manned mission to Mars. Dr. Ware never once questioned what an English major was doing in the School of Medicine. His belief in me paid off. While the experiment failed, my notes were so thorough that the project was able to secure a second year of funding.

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